If you have problems with your cash flows due to economic, financial or company-specific reasons;

If you are planning new investments or want to restructure your company;

You have bright ideas to turn crises into opportunities, but if you are financially stuck;

If you want to sell your company by increasing your company value and return to cash;

You are at the right address! We produce professional consultancy solutions for corporate restructuring and debt management specific to you and your company, with our experienced staff of experts.

In this context, some of our services that include solutions for all your tax, financial and legal problems in the fields of Corporate Restructuring, Debt and Capital Management are as follows;

  • Growth plan, project and acquisition financing
  • Company restructuring
  • Debt and credit restructuring plan
  • Loan negotiation and documentation support
  • Hedging (derivatives) strategy and contract support
  • Credit rating process management
  • Borrowing capacity analysis
  • Independent financial analysis report
  • Financial commitment structuring and monitoring services