The legislation regulating commercial activities is constantly changing and developing with social, political and technological developments. In order to keep up with these changes and ensure legal security, corporate companies need quality, fast and effective consultancy services. Our company closely follows the current legislative changes in Turkey and provides fast and effective consultancy services to your company in the areas it needs.

The services we offer in this context;

  • Giving opinion on the problems of Commercial Law and Company Law
  • Preparation and review of commercial contracts (English and Turkish)
  • Company establishment (Limited and Joint Stock Company) services
  • Preparation or amendment of company articles of association
  • Company mergers and acquisitions
  • Preparation of a Due Diligence report for the companies to be purchased
  • Conducting the public offering of companies and post-public offering processes
  • Company general assembly procedures
  • Company share transfer transactions
  • Company restructuring projects
  • Relationship Consulting with Banks and Finance Companies
  • Corporate Restructuring, Debt and Capital Management Consultancy