Financial institutions that want to operate in Turkey must be established as joint stock companies and their capital must be paid in cash. The transparency of the shareholding structures of the applicant company and other companies that have a direct or indirect share in this company over certain percentages in license applications; There should be no obstacles in front of the public audit authority to carry out a sound audit. It is obligatory for the real and legal person direct/because partners of the companies applying for a license to meet the qualifications and qualifications stipulated in the relevant legislation. In addition, the members of the board of directors and some company senior managers, as well as the partners, must have the qualifications and competencies determined by the legislation.

Our company provides consultancy services to companies that want to operate in the financial markets in Turkey, in terms of making a legal and trouble-free license application (Establishment and Operating permit applications) and/or examining the application file. Organizations that we provide consultancy support for Establishment and/or Operating Permit applications within the scope of the relevant legislation;

  • Bank (Conventional or Islamic)
  • Payment System Operator
  • Payment Service Organization
  • Electronic Money Institution
  • Financial Leasing Company
  • Factoring Company
  • Financing Company
  • Asset Management Company
  • Card System Installation
  • Card Establishment
  • Insurance Company
  • Exchange Office
  • Branch Establishment
  • Representation Establishment