99.8% of Turkey’s population of more than 80 million, which is the 17th largest economy in the world, consists of Muslims. While Conventional Insurance has developed significantly, Islamic insurance (Takaful) is still in its infancy. Thanks to the regulation put into effect by the Undersecretariat of Treasury in September 2017 in the field of Takaful, Islamic insurance has gained a legal infrastructure and has become a part of the general insurance sector. Takaful companies that want to do Islamic insurance in Turkey will be able to provide services in this direction by obtaining an operating permit from the Undersecretariat of Treasury.

The services we offer in this context;

  • General view of the Turkish economy and insurance sector and information on possible risks and opportunities.
  • Consultancy in Insurance Company Establishment and License Application Process
  • Solution consultancy for the problems that arise during the activities of Takaful companies
  • Risk and management liquidity management
  • Technical provisions
  • Key business areas
  • Bank insurance