In order to strengthen the financial position of your company and its relations with banks or other financial institutions, to protect your corporate reputation with creditors and to have sustainable access to financial resources, it is vital to manage relations with financial companies in a professional manner, beyond traditional patterns. Because in your relations with banks and other financial institutions, it is highly likely to be exposed to losses due to information asymmetry and it is a serious risk source. This is exactly where we come in and we create relationship consultancy solutions tailored for your company and for you, in order to speak the same language with bankers and to keep your hand strong in your negotiations. Some of the services we provide in this context are as follows;

  • Debt and credit restructuring plan
  • Loan negotiation and documentation support
  • Hedging (derivatives) strategy and contract support
  • Borrowing capacity analysis
  • Independent financial analysis report
  • Financial commitment structuring and monitoring services